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Welcome to A.C.E Billing

 We can help you with all of your mental health billing needs. Established in 2001 and specializing in patient billing for mental health, A.C.E. Billing Inc is owned and operated by Annette C. Elizabeth. Annette has held various positions, as office manager, medical billing specialist, and medical billing consultant, in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area since 1985. With a B.A. combining Business Administration and Women's Studies, she brings 30 years of experience and expertise to your patient billing needs.

A.C.E. Billing will handle all your patient billing needs including:
  • Building a patient information database for easy access to patient demographics and balances.
  • Timely submitting of electronic insurance claims.
  • Following up on unpaid and incorrectly paid insurance claims.
  • Sending patient remainder statements that include a phone number for your patients to call if they have questions about their bill.
  • Monthly reports to manage the financial aspects of your practice.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports to assist with income tax and MinnesotaCare tax preparation and reporting.
  • Friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable service for both you and your patients at an affordable price.
  • A.C.E. Billing employees are proficient in the following medical billing software programs: Therapy Notes, Office Ally, Medisoft, ProCentive, and HealthFusion.

Who we are

Annette C. Elizabeth:

In 1986, Annette started a part time job working three days a week as a secretary for two Licensed Psychologists while working on her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Minnesota. Annette added three more therapy offices to her self-employment venue. Upon graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Women's Studies, Annette began her career as a professional mental health billing and reimbursement specialist and entrepreneur. After her first business partnership was dissolved in 2001, A.C.E. Billing, Inc. was created as an independent billing agency. From a single owner-operator business, A.C.E. Billing, Inc. has grown to accommodate two additional full time employees and more than 50 mental health professional clients. Maintaining steady and controlled growth has allowed Annette to continue to provide the highest quality of service and to personally manage each client's accounts. Keeping the cost to her clients low and service levels high are Annette's priorities.

Erin E. Gurda:

In 2004, Erin graduated from the University of Duluth with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and a minor in Mathematics. Erin spent time learning medical billing processes at Bioscrip, a retail and mail order pharmaceutical company, before joining A.C.E. Billing, Inc. full time in 2008. As the Operations Manager, her duties include setting up and maintaining EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections between clearinghouses and billing systems. Her expertise is in trouble shooting problem claims and maximizing revenue collections in a timely manner. Erin's goal is to accommodate every one of our mental health professional accounts that have special billing needs.

Paul A. Englund:

Paul joined A.C.E. Billing, Inc. as a medical billing reimbursement specialist in 2011. With a background as a credit analyst and experience in maintaining databases and light collections, his attention to detail is extraordinary. He is both an account administrator and special projects manager.

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